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Anglin-Lewis & Associates Ltd. is the leading provider of Immigration services with over 25 years of experience and we offer the most professional immigration solutions in the Cayman Islands.
We are dedicated to providing professional assistance to our clients through the complex labyrinth of the Immigration policies, forms and bureaucratic nightmares that many are experiencing. Our staff is highly trained, motivated and committed to providing "Your Immigration Solution!".
Are you looking for an immigration consultant in the Cayman Islands? Look no further. Anglin-Lewis & Associates offices cater to corporate and individual clients living throughout the Cayman Islands and abroad.
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  • Cayman Islands & United Kingdom Passports
  • How will the NEW BUILDERS LAW effect your business?
  • Work Permits
  • Trade & Business License
  • Registering with Planning Department

What do the changes to the Immigration Law in regards to Term Limits and Permanent Residency mean to you?

Make us "Your Immigration Solution!"

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We are celebrating with 3 of our Clients who were granted their Permanent Residency this month by the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board. In addition, 3 more of our clients won their Permanent Residency refusal Appeals by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal and were granted Permanent Residency. Finally, Welcome! You can add the attached photo of you wish.

Thank you for letting our over 25 years Immigration Experience in the Cayman Islands be "Your Immigration Solution!"

Why not let our experience work for you?

Call us today at 943-2525/623-2525 or email us at info@anglinlewis.ky to find out how we can be "Your Immigration Solution!

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How Can a Cayman Immigration Consultant Help You?


  • Consultations
  • Temporary Work Permit Applications
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Business Visitors Permit Applications
  • Business Staffing Plan Applications
  • Business Staffing Plan Amendments
  • Business Staffing Plan Work Permit Applications
  • Permanent Residency / Residency & Employment Rights Certificate Applications
  • Residential Certificate Applications
  • Right to be Caymanian Applications
  • Acknowledge as a Caymanian Applications
  • Right to Reside in the Cayman: dependent of a Caymanian or while awaiting adoption
  • Work Permit / Residency / Right to be Caymanian Appeals
  • Term Limit Verifications
  • Student Visa Applications
  • Trade & Business Licence Applications
  • Small Business Services:
    • Job Design & Adverts
    • Standard Interview Testing



    Visit Our New Location

    The Solution Centre
    #6, 265 Smith Road
    George Town Grand Cayman
    Main: (345) 943-2525 | 345-623-2525 | 345-925-4918 Fax: (345) 943-2524

    Our business hours are:
    Mon-Thur 8:30am-5pm
    Fri 8:30am-4:00pm
    Sat 10:00am - 2:00pm

    West Bay Location: Suite 205A Centennial Towers Second Floor above CNB Cell (345) 936-3331

    Our business hours are: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 10:00am-4:00pm

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    Choose The Best!
    Anglin-Lewis & Associates have Over 25 years of Immigration experience in the Cayman Islands!

    Company Information

    Please call for the most professional immigration solutions on the island.

    Our business hours are:
    Mon-Thur 8:30am-5:00pm
    Fri 8:30am-4:00pm
    Sat 10:00am to 2:00pm.


    Main: (345) 943-2525 | 345-623-2525 | 345-925-4918
    Fax: (345) 943-2524

    Can't Make it in the Office? Call to Make a Skype Appointment

    Visit Our New Location
    The Solution Centre, #6, 265 Smith Road,
    George Town, Grand Cayman

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